Philippa attends West Midlands Crime Reduction Forum For Leaseholders

In January, West Midlands Police Federation held their Diamond Award Ceremony for members of the Police that have gone the ‘extra mile’.  The team at Stockland Green Neighbourhood Policing Unit won ‘team of the year’ for their all-round excellent work in the community and particularly their ‘burglary reduction initiatives’.

The above unit have introduced a ‘Landlords Forum’ whereby they have invited local landlords to quarterly meetings to discuss good working practices, provide useful information and to help strengthen community spirit.

Premier Estates manage a considerable number of developments within Birmingham and the West Midlands and our managed properties constitute a huge percentage of the areas covered.  As such, we wanted to work alongside this initiative in the interests of safety and security for our residents.

We therefore issued invites to last week’s forum to all of our Leaseholders and attended ourselves, along with representatives from Birmingham City Council, Claremont Housing & Support, and local Landlords.

Discussions encompassed items such as the improvement of security within properties, the introduction of ‘Smartwater DNA’ for the purposes of burglary deterrence and investigation and emphasis on the value of the tenant ‘waiver’ system which allows Landlords to request a criminal background check on potential tenants (with that tenant’s permission).

The ideas and precautions explained within this forum will be provided by the Stockland Green Policing Team, and issued by Premier Estates to all our property owners within the next one of our monthly periodic updates.

The result being added security and safety for our residents, without any additional cost being incurred through the service charges paid.

This is not the first time that Premier Estates have worked closely with local police, with some very successful results across Manchester and other UK cities.  Developments where crime is a problem can often be tricky and costly to manage and a close relationship with police often works in everyone’s interest; raising awareness, increasing security, and dealing with the issues at hand in an effective manner without the need for costly intervention.

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