Every Estates Manager To Attend The ARMA Conference

Premier Estates is pleased to announce a record staff attendance at this year’s ARMA conference.  In total 17 members of the Premier Estates team have been made delegates at the industry leading event, held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, located in the heart of Westminster.

This year’s conference is centred around ARMA Q which is a ground breaking initiative to introduce regulation to the property management industry and ensure that ARMA members lead the way forwards with their operational standards.

Premier Estates Managing Director, Ben Jordan, commented “I am delighted to provide every single Estates Manager within our company the opportunity to further their knowledge by attending this important and educational event.  Premier Estates has been at the forefront of our industry for some time now and we will only remain so by wholeheartedly investing in our greatest assets; the individuals who look after our customers.”

“ARMA Q fits well with Premier Estates’ working ethos.  Premier Estates have implemented a great number of best practices that have improved our customers’ experience of property management.  It is great to see others at the forefront of our industry begin to embrace this approach; there is now a real desire for self regulation.”

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