Happy Birthday to Premier Estates, 15 today

Milestone birthdays are often a great opportunity to look back and reflect and today is no exception. Over the last decade and a half Premier Estates has grown from humble beginnings into the award winning, market leading managing agent that it is today.

Premier Estates began trading on 1st October 1998 from a small office on the ground floor of a three storey building on Church Street in Macclesfield as a result of a management buy-out of the private property management department of a local housing association. The company was founded by Ben Jordan and Simon Haughton, who remain as executive directors and the sole shareholders to this day. Managing Director, Ben Jordan, explained:

“In 1998 we acquired the right to manage a small North West based portfolio of approximately 300 individual properties contained within 26 developments together with a small residential lettings and management portfolio. One of the statistics that gives me greatest pleasure is that 15 years later and now with a nationwide portfolio of over 420 developments comprising over 20,000 individual properties we still manage 22 of those original 26 developments. Over the years two of the original developments have left us to try out the competition only to come back to us when this demonstrated that no one else could match our great level of service.”

Initially there were two members of staff in addition to Ben and Simon one of whom, Allyson Wilkinson, today celebrates her 15th anniversary with the company. The other original staff member, Sylvia Underwood, transferred to a new employer when the lettings side of the business was sold in 2009 to enable the company to concentrate on, what by then had become, its core activity of block management.

It didn’t take long for Premier Estates’ reputation for great service to spread. By the millennium the size of the portfolio had doubled and by 2002 the portfolio had increased in size to 2,000 properties. The milestone of 10,000 properties was reached in 2008, with the 20,000 barrier being broken earlier this year.

As the portfolio has expanded, so has Premier Estates’ workforce and office accommodation. Gradually from 1998 onwards the company acquired more space at its Church Street base, expanding to the first floor within 6 months, acquiring the entire building in 2001, renting the building next door in 2004 and relocating its accounts team to adjacent premises in 2006. In 2007 the workforce was reunited when the company moved across Macclesfield into its current headquarters, a converted mill within the town centre. Further expansion is afoot as the company has purchased an adjacent building, on which work is due to begin next week to provide a further 4,000 sq ft of space to enable medium term growth.

During 2012 Premier Estates opened an office in the heart of the City of London to cater for the growing demand for its services in the south east, which is proving to be a very successful move. Ben Jordan commented:

“We have been astonished when taking on various developments in London at how low leaseholders’ expectations have been and yet they have not been met. We have arrived, done what we do everywhere else and literally knocked everyone’s socks off with the dramatic improvement in service that they have experienced. Through recommendations and referrals it will not be long before we are looking at additional accommodation in London to service our ever growing portfolio.”

Premier Estates now employs more than 80 members of staff and looks forward to a bright future. 15 years on the company that Ben and Simon founded looks almost unrecognisable. However the core beliefs of providing a great level of customer service remain unchanged. The original mission statement was “To become the managing agent of choice for residents, developers and investors throughout England and Wales by ensuring that the homes within our care are managed and maintained to the highest possible standards”. Have we succeeded? We think so, but we also believe the best is yet to come. Ask us in 15 years’ time and we’ll tell you that 2013 was only the beginning.

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