Premier Estates Become RoSPA Members

We are delighted to announce that Premier Estates has become a full member of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, otherwise known as RoSPA.

Property managers encounter a high degree of public safety responsibility within their role; from fire risk assessments in blocks of flats and the maintenance of children’s play equipment to complex leisure facilities with specific risk characteristics.

It is therefore essential that a professional managing agent is also a member of a professional safety body, and the UK’s leading safety organisation is RoSPA, who are also actually responsible for setting many of the safety standards encountered within property management.

At Premier Estates, we pride ourselves on leading the way within our industry, and our commitment to public safety is no exception.  Being a RoSPA member is more than just an accreditation; we have the benefit of all of RoSPA’s safety expertise through dedicated consultants and our staff members benefit from specialist training covering a wide range of relevant safety issues.

Ultimately this backing provides a high level of reassurance to our clients and raises the bar of industry standards.


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