• Just to reiterate on comments already made - I concur and thank you for your efforts in saving the Management Company money - after our experience with our previous management company it's great to have Premier on board actually trying to save us cash rather than just spending it!

    Leaseholder Caversham, Reading
  • What I can assure you of, is that 'Premier' are doing a much, much, better job of staying on top of things since the company took over from the previous agent. Dealing with the previous agent was a constant nightmare, with them trying to wriggle out of their responsibilities, at every which way!

    Leasholder Southampton
  • I would just like to thank you personally for what you have achieved to date. To say I'm impressed would be an understatement.

    Director of Residents Management Company Wales
  • You seem to have achieved significantly more in a few weeks than M and G have done in years!

    Director of a Residents Management Company Wales
  • Just a note to say thanks for the update, we always appreciate being kept aware of what is going on at our property, and also to wish you all the best for the future.

    Leaseholder Manchester
  • I have had positive feedback from some of my letting agents in the area, there are several apartment units where Premier Estates are the 'Service Management company' on the block developments concerned. They had nothing negative to advise me at all, and in fact said that in instances where they had need to speak to PE about block issues, they were very proactive (and did something!), or in fact were already aware of the issue

  • Your Credit Control is top notch!

  • Thank you for the way in which you are managing the development. It seems like things are really under control, which is great!

  • Could I just mention how helpful Lindsey Barton Estates Co-ordinator has been to me with several enquiries I have made recently to the office. She is always so prompt and professional with returning any calls and e- mails so please pass on my gratitude and thanks for all her help during this last year.

    Leaseholder Cliteroe
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