• I must commend you on the job you are doing, I feel confident and happy that any problem I have, you listen and respond to in a very professional and efficient manner.

    M Breakwell Leaseholder, West Bromwich
  • You do a great job as does your whole team and you are a pleasure to deal with. Thank you again for all the great support and your sense of humour which is really appreciated.

    L Fenton Managment Co Secretary, Manchester
  • I sent that email before I went to bed last night. Your reply was waiting when I woke up and within five minutes of me reading it there was a builder here fixing the stairs. That is SERIOUSLY impressive!

    B Jones Tenant, Liverpool
  • I write to commend the professional, conscientious and reliable members of staff within Premier Estates. They are always keen to offer advice and support me with my enquiries and genuinely do all possible to rectify any maintenance issues promptly. They provide feedback with all areas that they are addressing, respective timescales for completion, and are indeed a real credit to your company. In my opinion, we are in a time when customer service and care is not deemed as important as it should be, however it is always a pleasure to liaise with you.

    D Gidden Multi Leaseholder, Birmingham
  • What a pleasant surprise to get such good customer service

    K Bruce Multi-Leaseholder, Manchester
  • It is nice to be updated on all the information we need, you are clearly working very hard. I am very pleased that you are the managing agent for this property and if you ever need a reference for a client, let me know. As long as you have been there, you have been a pleasure to deal with on every occasion. Thank you for your care.

    Y Fletcher Leaseholder, Kidderminster
  • I both value and rely on a good Estate Management Company and the team at Premier are approachable and reliable, always happy to go that extra mile for the owners/residents. On one occasion a drain collapsed in the car park, even though it was over a bank holiday weekend Premier got to the bottom of the problem very quickly and a company were on site repairing the problem within an hour, without the assistance of a good management company, residents would probably have been without water for days, rather than a couple of hours. The Premier team have demonstrated a very in depth knowledge of our development and have helped the owners/residents develop a strategy of preventative maintenance/cyclical fund for repairs/problems that may arise in the future. I enjoy working with them.

    B Gould Leaseholder, Leeds
  • We have been under the management of Premier Estates for 7 years and they have been very professional at all times. Any problems we have are dealt with straight away and they always ring back as soon as possible which is a rarity these days. They also do regular visits to inspect the property and call in to ask if we have any problems. We also find the people they contract out to service the property are very good and are always on time, and do a good job.

    M and J Labent Laeaseholders, Yorkshire
  • There have been a lot of disagreements within our group, and this AGM, where we were due to present to the shareholders, was shaping up to be a bit of a bun fight! However, discussing the agenda with you prior to the meeting and going through the various potential issues ahead of time really allowed us to get organised. The directors and I have been very reliant on your team at Premier, and by having you manage the meeting this turned out to be one of the smoothest and quickest AGMs we have ever had. Everyone went away quite shocked at just how efficient the meeting was and we all acknowledged that this was very much down to you.

    F Phillips Management Co Director, Salford
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