• I have worked with many agents, management companies and related service providers over the years. Most of them would struggle to score 5. I'm scoring you at a 10. Premier Estates have achieved:
    1. Good communication - responding to voice mails / emails promptly, politely, and with a sensible degree of common sense.
    2. Action - delivering the actions you said you would, in a timely and professional manner.
    3. Issues - your new business team took on all the problems from our previous agent and have got them pretty much all resolved, going the extra mile when required to get the right result
    4. The transition to the Business as Usual team was seamless
    5. I don't recall any significant issues caused by Premier Estates, but were one to happen, I'm comfortable that it would be resolved quickly and professionally.

    C Punchard Management Co Director, Manchester
  • We are always very pleased with the way you handle the estate and administration, it is reassuring to know that you and your team are looking after our development so well.

    P Cox Leaseholder, Manchester
  • It has been a very positive experience working with Premier Estates and they have proved to be extremely supportive and responsive to any problems that have occurred. This professionalism has made us keen to engage with them as they have the support tools, scope and flexibility to maximise effectiveness in dealing with the day to day issues that often occur.

    Our estate manager deserves a great deal of credit. She possesses three invaluable qualities: commitment, integrity and personality, and the biggest compliment I could pay her is the fact that we trust her implicitly to represent the concerns of our residents honestly and accurately at all times.

    We have confidence in Premiers ability to manage our estate in an efficient and sympathetic way, in keeping with our policy of being open and honest and maintaining the sound and effective partnership we have achieved so far.

    C Key Residents Chairman, North Yorkshire
  • The definition of a consummate professional: Will is knowledgeable, conscientious, industrious and supportive. I am particularly impressed by his constant ability to communicate effectively, forming an excellent partnership between Premier Estates and the management company directors. He is highly competent and skilled at co-ordinating, liaising and communicating with all parties to achieve successful resolution of issues. He has the rare combination of high quality listening skills, whilst also acting swiftly and appropriately when decisions need to be made. He is also a really nice guy! He is an asset to both our developments’ residents and to Premier Estates. It is an absolute pleasure to work with him and he thoroughly deserves his award.

    C White Management Co Director, Manchester
  • The correspondence and communications from Premier Estates is excellent!

    S Conner Management Co Director, Cheshire
  • We are pleased to have selected a new management company, who we are very satisfied with. Apart from making savings on our budget we are able to decide which contractors etc. we want to use. Before, all our quotes came from companies who were part of the same group and we did not get a say. We feel sure we made the right decision.

    W Henry Management Co Director, Macclesfield
  • The new business team run the contract for around six months providing an immediate review of all delivery contracts, costs and scope, which raises standards, reduces cost and ensures suppliers do not become complacent.

    You then identify and deliver positive change to owners and residents; set up regular communications ensuring everyone is always informed of planned works and importantly works completed. Direct access is provided to a dedicated team who are able to respond to any request immediately and any previous issues (outstanding accounts etc) are resolved.

    These first few months set the tone for the on-going relationship. Pleasantly, I find that it is the customer working to keep up with the supplier. I've had a number of positive comments from residents regarding how much was done in such a short space of time. The success is very much down to the people who deliver it. That extends to the back office team whose work underpins delivery of these services but may rarely be directly involved with the customer. Regularly meeting the property manager and co-ordinator on a site visits, puts a face to the voice.

    C Punchard Management Co Director, Manchester
  • Thank you sincerely for your wonderfully prompt response. I have very high hopes your company will provide a more than satisfactory service, if your prompt and thoughtful attitude is common.

    J Starkie Leaseholder, Coventry
  • I cannot speak highly enough of Wills excellent people skills, his approachability and availability, also his willingness to listen and help. Will is unfailingly polite and calm at all times. Having had experience of several managing agents in the past, I have no hesitation in recommending Will for his efficiency and hard work. He is a shining example to his peers. He responds extremely quickly to requests and concerns when dealing with problems. He is a worthy winner of his award.

    J Leach Residents Chairman, Manchester
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