• We had a directors meeting last night and they were speechless. I said I have contacted you to say; is this right? Everybody is absolutely over the moon; we have never had such a low balance in our debtors. To use the vernacular, we are gobsmacked; thank you very much.

    Premier took this scheme over just before Management Co Director, Liverpool
  • I thought the meeting went very well last night and you ran it beautifully. I think that the small number of people attending reflects how well everything is going, otherwise there would be a lot more agitated people attending and trying to make themselves heard. The running of the site is now well under control.

    L Fenton Management Co Secretary, Manchester
  • A big thank you for the work/efforts from Premier Estates over the past 12 months. When I bought my house here I was a little concerned of having a management company responsible for the communal areas after some very bad experiences from friends and colleagues, but the service from Premier has been faultless and long may it continue.

    P Kinder Homeowner, Manchester
  • I am writing as a matter of courtesy to thank you and Premier Estates for the excellent service you are providing. My son lives in one of my apartments and he has commented on how much nicer it is to live there now, before your company took over the place was beginning to look like a building from a third world country.

    As an owner of two apartments in this block it has been a constant worry at the way the place was deteriorating. I am so pleased that you took over from the previous managing agents who were absolutely useless. Thank you again.

    J Berry Multi Leaseholder, Sheffield
  • I am very pleased to have Premier Estates as our property maintenance company, your professionalism is a joy to see.

    J Greene Leaseholder, Manchester
  • Thanks for the Periodic Update of 4th Sept. Thats useful.. It shows to me that you (Premier) are actually doing things on site!! We never got anything like this at all from our last managing agents…

    I must say that you are doing a great job in looking after the Bin room(s)... You can tell it's been cleaned. Because of the smell of disinfectant!! and Its TIDY!!! I am really impressed!!! Thats the first time in 3 years I've seen anything like this as so many times we would tidy up down there, because of the mess some residents leave the place in, and the previous agent did nothing about it!!!

    Also this morning. I have reported to your out of hours maintenance line (who are very helpful) that the lift in our end of our block, is currently Out of Order... The Lift was working again, by the time I got back from the town, and that was about 11.45!!! So a result, thank you!!!

    Believe you me, these used to be such tedious, and argumentative things to deal with, through the previous agent. Ill guarantee that it may have been by Thursday or Friday, we might have had the lift working!! I'm not joking!!!

    I Temple Leaseholder, Southampton
  • Ive been to the development recently and its looking so much better since Premier Estates have been looking after the site. The outdoor area has been cleaned (and almost looks new) and the gate to the side lane makes a huge difference. Thanks to you all, its nice to know the property is moving forward.

    J Watson Leaseholder, Sheffield
  • I continue to be most impressed with the management service that you provide

    C Lumsden Leaseholder, Manchester
  • What a pleasant surprise to get such good customer service

    K Bruce Multi-Leaseholder, Manchester
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