• I can honestly say it's a pleasure dealing with you and your team. It's a difficult job and I couldn't and wouldn't do it anywhere as near as well.

    Leaseholder, Managed Development
  • Many thanks for your recent update following your inspection of the development. We appreciate your input and find the communications you send both reassuring and informative.

    Leaseholder, Managed Development
  • It is very refreshing to see how a truly professional organization performs. Congratulations to all at Premier for a job well done, especially to the debt collectors within Premier Estates who are greatly appreciated.

    Management Co Directors, Manchester
  • I should just like to say how grateful and thankful I am that it is your most capable and professional company handling our affairs. I need hardly add that I am most happy.

    Leaseholder, Liverpool
  • I would like to say that I appreciate what you have done for me personally when I have contacted you about the red car, the meter cupboard and whenever I have emailed you out of hours/in working hours. You have always replied very promptly and come up with some very good solutions, so I would like to thank you for that and I appreciate you have a very tricky job.

    Leaseholder, Didsbury
  • A brief letter to express my delight with the progress that Premier Estates has made, especially given the fact that your company was only appointed recently and in difficult circumstances. In the short amount of time that you have managed our building you have achieved more than two previous managing agents and it is clear that you listen to our anxieties and act promptly to meet and anticipate our needs.

    Your regular communications are a breath of fresh air. We have previously been left in the dark by past agents, and not just because light bulbs were not previously changed. In this respect you have already exceeded our expectations and kept us appropriately in the loop every step of the way. Good communication is the hallmark of a professional and competent agent and I am thankful that you appreciate just how crucial this is in turning things around.

    I feel that I speak on behalf of all the residents here when I say, it is now an absolute pleasure to come home, and we all feel so much happier living here due to the changes you have made.

    The levels of attentiveness we are experiencing are second to none and this is helping to rebuild our trust. We really appreciate your approach to the works completed so far and are at last hopeful that our high expectations will be met going forward.

    It is great to finally have found an agent that seems to get the importance of supervising contractors and that has a process in place to ensure invoices are only signed off once the work is completed to the standard and to the timeframes specified. It sounds simple but in practice I know that many agents simply don not bother paying any attention to such things, to the ultimate cost of leaseholders.

    Premier Estates most definitely deserves to be recognised for the amazing improvement to our scheme achieved in such a short period. Furthermore I would like to emphasise that the new management of our building has made a real and positive impact on our quality of life. If only we had found Premier Estates sooner!

    Leaseholder, London
  • Thank you for all the updates you send and the work carried out, especially regards to having the 'dumped' furniture removed and parking issues resolved.

    Leasholder, Southampton
  • The cleaners did a fantastic job at the weekend! As far as I can see they did the most thorough cleaning job that has ever been done at our development, even cleaning the scuffs from the walls up the stairs. Thanks for that.

    Director Residents Management Company
  • Just a quick thank you for your prompt response and your advice.
    A thanks that I would also like to extend to your parking contractor who again was both very understanding and very helpful in what he had to say. In the end the situation with the parking was resolved by the driver of the van moving of their own accord from my space, but none the less a great response all round, thank you so much for the confidence that gives!

    Leaseholder Southampton
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