Contractor Accreditation / Working With Us.

Premier Estates maintains an Approved Contractor List to ensure the best quality services are provided to our residents.  We encourage a wide variety of professional contractors to become “approved” and are always looking for experts in a given field to call upon.

In order to obtain Approved status, we require a copy of your health and safety policy, public liability insurance policy, VAT registration (if applicable), trade references from other customers, details of membership of any trade associations or professional bodies, and a statement about your staff training and development policy.  Where necessary we are happy to assist you to comply with our requirements, as it is in our own interests to have as wide a base of contractors to call upon when necessary.

Once the criteria is met the relationship is mutually beneficial.  We can be assured that you will do a great job for our clients, and we can provide you with regular work that is paid at fair rate.

If you are a contractor that provides a top quality property related service, then we would be delighted to hear from you.  Please email: