Design Specification Consultancy

Property Design Consultancy

There is nothing we like better than being asked to have input into the design and specification details which may have a future impact on the requirements for marketing and managing your  development.

As a result of our extensive experience, Premier Estates is in a unique position to be able to offer property design consultancy on specific design issues that may well have an impact on future management and running costs.  We offer this service free of charge as we want to help developers find the optimum solution at the minimum cost, which in turn facilitates the smooth on-going management of the development.

Making the Most of New Technology in Property Design

As with many industries, property management has had to adapt and keep pace with the move towards more sustainable homes; the innovative use of new building materials to maximise insulation performance, carbon neutral heating, water recycling and alternative waste disposal systems.  By understanding this new technology and having direct experience to draw on, Premier Estates’ property design consultants can accurately incorporate it into future operating budgets and maintenance plans.

We are also happy to produce specific reports to accompany planning applications, in order to pre-empt possible queries in sensitive areas and thereby help speed up the planning approval process.

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If you require our free of charge design consultancy, service please contact us now by either filing out the quick enquiry form or ringing us on 0345 491 8899.