Property Legal Compliance

Premier Estates manages developments under a variety of legal structures and documentation.  We are always pleased to speak directly with potential purchasers and their solicitors to answer any questions of a management nature, in order to ensure a full understanding of the management arrangements, which will help achieve an early exchange of contracts.

The adoption of a correct legal structure is absolutely fundamental to the way that a development operates and is managed in the future.  Please contact us for detailed guidance on the various alternatives to consider, including the formation of individual resident management companies, managing agent agreements, commonhold and various leasehold options.

If you have any questions regarding legal compliance, feel free to contact us using the quick enquiry form or by calling 0345 491 8899.

What We Can Provide For You

We can provide well-proven forms of Lease to cover every situation, enabling Premier Estates to take on all management responsibilities from day one and facilitate the future well being of both buildings and occupants.

Contact Us

We would like to hear from you if you need help with property legal compliance.  You can contact us today by either ringing us on 0345 491 8899 or using the quick contact form.