Every year, 300 million tonnes of carbon dioxide is produced from the energy needed to heat and power our homes. To put that into perspective, this is the equivalent of putting another 100 million cars on the road. The impact of pollution on the environment has highlighted the need for cutting carbon emissions, and sustainability now plays a key role in the government’s plans for the future of all new developments – with its importance only increasing with time.

At Premier Estates, we believe that sustainable technology is the future of property management and we are committed to finding the most practical and cost effective solutions for our clients. We have invested considerably to ensure we have the knowledge and resources needed to successfully manage and maintain a diverse range of environmentally friendly building design features – one of the reasons we have been appointed to handle some of the most prominent low-carbon and zero-carbon schemes in the UK.

As experts in this specialist field, we can provide you with sound advice on selecting appropriate equipment whilst overseeing the operational management of these complex systems to ensure maximum efficiency. Whilst sustainable technology can help to reduce energy bills, it can also be expensive to install and costly to repair. However, comprehensive maintenance contracts ensure protective measures are taken to prolong the lifespan of equipment, saving unnecessary expenditure and breakdown in the future.

We have introduced greater sustainability into the management of many of our existing developments in an affordable manner. This not only reduces carbon emissions but will also make significant savings for residents. From low energy light bulbs to high efficiency heat exchangers, Premier Estates can cater for all of your sustainable management requirements.

Our broad based experience of new and unique sustainable technologies encompasses the successful management of the following features amongst many others:

  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Systems
  • Heat Recovery Systems & Mechanical Ventilation
  • Biomass Fuelled Heating Systems
  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels & Solar Water Heating
  • Rainwater Harvesting & Grey Water Recycling
  • Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Electric Vehicle Charging & Car Sharing Schemes
  • Recycling & Composting
  • High Performance & Recycled Building Materials
  • Wind Turbines
  • Retrofitted Insulation & Low Energy Lighting
  • Sustainable Drainage, Water Attenuation & Natural Filtration Beds