External Fire Wall Review (EWS1)

External Wall Fire Review (EWS1)

We receive a high number of requests from Solicitors and Leaseholders for EWS1 forms, in relation to apartment sales.

At present we do not hold EWS1 forms for all buildings within our portfolio. We are working through the portfolio on a risk basis, with high-rise buildings (those over 18m) and buildings with known defects being prioritised.

The process of preparing an EWS1 is not straight forward, nor is it quick. The form needs to be completed by an independent advisor that belongs to a professional body that has been approved by the Ministry of Communities, Health & Local Government (MCHLG). Neither building owner nor managing agent is able to complete this form.

Given the number of EWS1 requests being made of the approved advisors, the resource and expertise in the sector is limited for this service. It is also worth noting that in some cases, the process to complete an EWS1 form may necessitate the undertaking of invasive surveys to the building to determine the external wall system make up, where construction information is insufficient or not available.

All of the buildings within our portfolio that require remediation work and are over 18m have had applications made for consideration of funding for the remedial works under the Government’s Building Safety Fund. We are currently in the process of forwarding the building information required for Homes England (buildings outside of London) or Greater London Authority (buildings within Greater London) to consider the application and determine whether the building meets all criteria set by the fund.

If you have concerns in relation to your apartment, please contact your Estates Manager directly.

Premier Estates Limited
30th October 2020